Restylane Lasting Period

Perhaps the biggest concern of those who are planning to get Restylane is how long does it last. Before we answer that question, let us first understand what is Restylane, how it works and what are its substance.


What is Restylane

Restylane refers to various dermal fillers which were specifically formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA). One good thing about Restylane is that it is non-animal sourced. It is more natural, which means that risk for disease transfer and allergic reaction is significantly lower. The acid gel is injected directly into the facial tissues to add fullness and volume and to reduce wrinkles, sagging and fine lines. It is also used for lip enhancement.


How Long Does it Last

Restylane treatment usually lasts between six to 12 months after injection. The effect and improvement of the skin’s or facial’s appearance last within the said period. However, like in other injectable fillers or cosmetic enhancers, the duration of the results will vary from patient to patient. Factors that affect the duration include the patient’s lifestyle, metabolism, the muscle volume and movement, the severity of the treated areas, and the unique characteristics of the skin.

The professional performing the cosmetic procedure can better estimate how long you can expect the Restylane effects to last. Before the procedure, the professional will take a closer look at your skin or lip, and ask questions regarding your lifestyle, medical history, and other information.

The duration of the Restylane’s effect varies from area to area. For example, Restylane injected in lips wear off shorter than that in another part of the face or skin. The average effect of Restylane in lip treatments and enhancements is three to six months. In areas other than the lips, the effect is usually longer, averaging six to nine months, or even 12.

However, if the filler reduces over time or if its effects wear off, you can always go to the professional to set-up a re-treatment if you so desires. That way, your face or lips can stay smooth, fresh and young-looking. Restylane’s effects are long-lasting but not permanent. To keep enjoying the effects of Restylane, you can set up a schedule with your professional, tailoring it to your physical needs, physiology, and other factors.

What many like about Restylane is that it is quickly healing and the side effects are minimal. You can even get it on short notice just as long as you are a good fit. Which leads us to the next important question, is it right for you?


Is Restylane Right for You

This would depend on the recommendation and finding of the professional who will perform the procedure. Whether you are a good fit for dermal filler treatment depends on various factors like age, metabolism, lifestyle individual goals, and budget. Considering that Restylane treatment may cost a lot, it may not be available for everyone. However, if the professional finds that, based on the checkup, you are a good candidate for dermal filler and that you can afford the cost, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this treatment option.

Just make sure that you get dermal filler treatment, or any other cosmetic treatment for that matter, from a reliable, skilled and experienced professional. Contact East Valley Dental Professional.