Although it is anticipated that children will lose teeth as they grow older, adults become frustrated when tooth loss occurs in their lives. For example, some may be involved in sporting accidents where teeth were knocked out or had teeth removed due to gum disease.

At EVDP, we know that sometimes losing a tooth is not preventable and believe that nobody should have to suffer from discomfort or embarrassment due to missing teeth. There are many ways to replace missing teeth.

For those who have missing teeth, finding the best solution for replacement can seem tricky because there are many choices available. Our mission at East Valley Dental Professionals is not simply to earn your business but to help educate you on all of your tooth replacement options so that you can smile confidently through life.

When experiencing loss of permanent teeth, many young patients opt for dental implants as a replacement but if your mouth is not suited for an implant, you are not comfortable with surgery, or you are looking for a short term solution, removable partial dentures may be a good option for you.

What are Flexible Partial Dentures?

Flexible Partial Dentures are designed to replace one or more missing teeth that are in proximity to each other. These work similarly to a full denture in that they are designed to properly fit your individual mouth and are removable. Unlike traditional dentures that are made with a rigid acrylic based material and cast metal clasps. Flexible partial dentures are made with more flexible materials such as nylon resin that better mimic the natural tissues of your mouth.

What are the Pros of Flexible Partial Dentures?


It is often said that flexible partial dentures are nearly invisible to the eye because they look so much like natural teeth. This is due to their translucent properties and absence of traditional metal clasps. Also, they are a very comfortable option, with most users not noticing a big difference between the denture and their teeth.


These flexible dentures are much more durable than typical dentures that have a tendency to break or crack. The flexibility lends to enduring heavier wear and tear, which makes them a great option for younger or more active patients.

Stain Resistant

The flexible materials do not contain BPA and are often used for patients who are allergic to acrylic or metal partial dentures. This material is resistant to stains and odors, making the cleaning and hygiene process much easier as well.


Because you are only replacing a section of teeth, flexible partial dentures are less expensive than traditional dentures. Though, the cost differentiation between flexible or traditional partial dentures depends on the extent of the replacement.

What are the Cons of Flexible Partial Dentures?


Unfortunately, flexible partial dentures are not a permanent solution, especially for younger wearers. It is possible that you may wear them through your lifetime but replacements will need to be made throughout the years.


Flexible partial dentures cannot be repaired or modified unlike traditional dentures. In the case of damage, a new set will need to be made in a dental lab. With some types of traditional dentures, additional modifications can be made in the future such as adding a tooth or repairing a broken denture tooth.


Because flexible partial dentures are removable and secured around remaining teeth, they are not immovable during wear. Some patients have noticed shifting during certain activities, unlike with the permanent solution of dental implants.


Flexible partial dentures are not always an option for certain patients. If a significant amount of teeth are missing, or the remaining teeth are interspersed, there may not be good support for flexible partial dentures.

Your Choice for Tooth Replacement

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