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How Mesa Dentists Support their Communities?

By Jennifer | September 19, 2017

There are more people with no dental insurance than you think. The data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 45 million Americans have not been insured for their dental health. This number is projected to increase for the years to come.  This has been a cause of concern among Mesa Dentists. One […]

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types of gum disease

Types of Gum Disease

By Jennifer | September 12, 2017

Gum disease is a common dental problem, especially among people who have poor oral hygiene. There are two main types of gum disease which are infections medically known as periodontal disease, which affects not just the gums, but also the tissues and bones around and supporting the teeth.  There are two types of gum disease: […]

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Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants: Everything you Need to Know

By Jennifer | September 5, 2017

What are dental sealants? Sealants are used in dental procedures to help protect your teeth, which are susceptible to decay. Aside from practicing great oral hygiene and going to the dentist regularly, there is another way to protect these permanent teeth from decay and other damage—dental sealants. These sealants are plastic coatings that are placed […]

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Dental Implants

Dental Impants: How to Evaluate the Right Solution

By Jennifer | August 25, 2017

Do you have missing teeth? Are you looking for a more or less permanent teeth replacement? Or are you sick of wearing dentures and are seeking for a better substitute? Dental implants might be what you need. In general, dental implants provide great advantages and benefits to dental patients than any other treatments. No wonder […]

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Teeth Whitening at Home

Teeth Whitening at Home with Custom Dental Whitening Kits from EVDP

By Jennifer | August 24, 2017

Smiling is simply brighter and better when you’ve got clean, white teeth. And the way to achieve such smile is by way of regularly going to the dental clinic.  Visiting the dentist regularly certainly does its magic. But in order for you to achieve and maintain white teeth, you need to do your part too. […]

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dental botox

Why You Should Consider Dental Botox

By Jennifer | August 18, 2017

Botox is a true innovation in the field of aesthetics. It is a real game-changer.  No wonder why it keeps on gaining popularity over the years. The demand is just skyrocketing, and expectedly so. But what people don’t know is that you don’t have to go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to get Botox. […]

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Snoring Remedies

Snoring Remedies and Why Your Dentist Can Help

By Jennifer | August 14, 2017

Snoring is more common than you think. Based on the estimate established by the National Sleep Foundation, around 30 to 50% of Americans experienced snoring at some point in time. While snoring can be normal at times, it can be quite alarming if it persists. It can be a sign of a health problem or […]

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Broken Jaw Symptoms

Broken Jaw Symptoms

By Jennifer | August 8, 2017

Pain in the jaw area is not necessarily a bad thing. But if it is chronic, you might need to have it checked. While such problem may be due to periodontal issue, sinus problem or teeth grinding, sometimes, it can be a sign of a broken jaw. It’s possible that you have a broken jaw […]

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Dental Options for Missing Teeth

Dental Options for Missing Teeth

By Jennifer | August 1, 2017

More people have missing teeth than you imagine. In fact, statistics shows that typical American adults are missing an average of 7 teeth. Not counting the wisdom teeth, people are missing an average of at least three teeth. Sadly, not so many have their teeth replaced once they go missing. But why endure having a […]

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Dentistry for Kids

Dentistry for Kids

By Jennifer | July 31, 2017

  Each age group has specific dental needs. This is why there is dentistry for kids, for adults and for geriatrics. Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry which focuses on treating the younger age group, including babies, toddlers, young children and even adolescents. There are dental issues that are more common among these ages […]

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction: A Primer

By Jennifer | July 27, 2017

Everyone has experienced losing their teeth as a child. However, adults can end up losing a tooth or two too. Tooth extractions is sometimes necessary to save your other teeth and for the sake of your overall oral health. Your Guide to Tooth Extraction Not every dental problem leads to the extraction of your teeth. The […]

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Seniors Dental Care

Dental Care for Seniors: How It Is Different

By Jennifer | July 20, 2017

Geriatric dentistry is a special form of dental care. Seniors have special needs since there are dental issues that are more common among them than in other ages. This is because age advancement can pose several factors that affect the oral health of a person. Because of this, it is important that seniors only get […]

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