While you may be well aware of the horrors of braces, Invisalign is another treatment plan for your crooked teeth that may have been invisible to you until now. This plastic insert can get you back a smile you can be proud of, even if you’ve neglected your oral health. And while you’re wearing this correctional piece, it doesn’t have to stand out and draw negative attention.

Metal braces are like a rite of passage for kids, so the culture hasn’t given Invisalign much credit. You may have heard about them but are not exactly sure how they work and how they are different from braces. We want to tell you more about Invisalign to show you how it can give you a beautiful smile.

What is Invisalign?

If you are not aware, Invisalign is an insertable dental piece your doctor creates with 3D scans of your mouth. It is a clear plastic aligner that you wear daily for straightening your teeth and fixing any crooked ones. Your dentist will custom-make an Invisalign to fit your mouth size and shape, both for the lower and upper teeth.

This treatment option is fantastic for your crooked teeth, but Invisalign can also help with other teeth correctional issues you may have. These often go hand-in-hand with crooked teeth, and you likely have them in addition to crooked teeth.

How Does Invisalign Straighten Crooked Teeth?

The plastic insert will pressure your teeth once you put Invisalign into your mouth, forming it into a correct shape. An experienced dentist’s hand will realign teeth that were once out of place. You will wear them in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day and must continuously keep them in for a perfect smile. Like other dental treatments, they will feel strange in your mouth at first, but you will adjust to them over time.

You are in charge of your oral health, so your crooked teeth will stay stagnant if you don’t wear your Invisalign clear aligners.

Invisalign Makes You Proud of Your Smile

You may have had nightmares as a kid of getting braces, or you may have had braces in middle school, which is why you’re considering an Invisalign treatment. The good news is that Invisalign corrects your teeth faster and more efficiently than traditional braces. They show your natural teeth and hide any obnoxious equipment glued to them.

One of the most important factors you have probably considered with Invisalign is they are virtually invisible compared to braces. You really have to search someone’s smile to find a clear plastic piece versus a metal billboard in your mouth. They straighten better by giving you a smile you don’t have to be ashamed of from start to finish. The alternative is having your mouth look worse as you progress toward a better smile.

Invisalign Straightens Better than Braces

Practically, most dental insurances cover Invisalign, and the solution can cost less than braces depending on how long you have them in. So you are not signing yourself up to pay more for a better smile: you’re actually getting it for less. However, you need to speak with a local or family dentist to calculate the exact pricing and see what the cost difference would be. Better straightening means straightening for less.

Finally, braces have limitations where they cannot always fit over every tooth surface if they are overlapped, rotated, or too crooked. Invisalign works, on the other hand, to handle these extreme crooked teeth cases and correct where braces cannot. They can get your teeth moving faster during rotation and finish quicker than braces.

Our Family Offers Invisalign

Invisalign is overall the most cost-friendly, effective way to correct your teeth on the dental market. Braces are beginning to disappear as a viable orthodontic treatment since Invisalign can fix and protect your smile from start to finish. They are the way of the future, and you can forget the horrors of a braces stigma you may have grown up with.

Our Arizona family practice has treated kids and adults with crooked teeth for generations. We have the experience to know exactly how to correct your teeth, no matter how crooked they are, and give your confidence back. You can call our office at (480).838.3033 to ask any more questions about Invisalign. We can also show you some prices and introduce you to our family if you request an appointment as an Invisalign patient.