Oftentimes, patients will request that their dental crowns and dental implants be as white as possible because teeth whitening has become a popular trend. The problem with this trend is that natural teeth are darker than most people realize.

One thing to consider is what material your crown will be made from such as metal, resin, ceramic, or porcelain fused to metal. Metal crowns alone are not able to match the surrounding teeth, however, porcelain fused to metal crowns can closely color match. Ceramic and porcelain crowns are the best at color-matching natural teeth.

If your crown or implant can not be pearly white, then what color should it be?

What Color Are Dental Crowns?

Dental professionals refer to teeth having shades instead of one particular color because there are four shade combinations to choose from:

  • Red/Brown
  • Red/Yellow
  • Grey
  • Red/Grey

The goal is to keep the shade as close to your existing teeth as possible. Selecting a shade is far more important on the front teeth than the back teeth because if the shade is off on the front teeth it will be obvious.

How to Choose the Right Shade?

When selecting a dental implant/crown color there are a variety of shades. Natural teeth can vary in color, especially if you are experiencing any type of damage such as tooth decay.

If you are selecting a shade for one dental crown that is covering a root canal the selection process is a little different. You will want your dentist to suggest a color that matches the color of your surrounding teeth.

It is important to keep in mind skin tone, hair color, and even eye color when selecting from the shade guide. It is easier to select a particular shade with dental implants because all of the teeth will be made in the same shade.

Using a Shade Guide

If you are worried about selecting the perfect color for your crown, keep in mind that your dentist is an experienced professional. They do this procedure often and know what to look for in office lighting. Chances are very high that whatever color they choose you will not be able to tell which tooth has a crown and which teeth are natural!

Dentistry is a perfect blend of science and art. During the first visit of the crown procedure, the dentist will use a shade guide to help choose the perfect color. A shade guide is typically a plastic card that has fake porcelain teeth of various shades arranged in order from light to dark. They will ask you to smile and do their best to choose a shade from the guide that represents the majority of your natural teeth.

The dentist will show you the color they believe is the best match and will confirm that you agree. If you have a different shade in mind, make sure you speak with the dentist immediately. Once a shade is selected, the impression and color choice are sent to the lab to create your permanent crown. Shade guides are incredibly helpful and allow both the patient and dentist to confidently select the perfect color.

Dental Crowns and the East Valley Dental Professionals

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