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How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Veneers Cost

Dental veneers are a cosmetic dental option used for correcting a myriad of cosmetic teeth problems. A candidate for veneers maybe someone with crooked teeth, inconsistent tooth sizes, spaces between teeth, and other cosmetic concerns that occur with natural teeth.

Generally considered a cosmetic dental solution, veneers may improve the color, shape, and size of the existing teeth. Those who have minor misalignments of their teeth may also consider veneers. The primary materials used for veneers include composite resin or porcelain used for their unique material competition and longevity.

A Permanent Option

Veneers are a non-reversible solution because some of the tooth’s enamel must be shaved. Veneers are typically considered to be less invasive than a crown, which can completely cover (or cap) and are used to strengthen and reinforces an existing tooth.

Composite (Resin) Veneers

A resin or composite veneer may be used for a damaged or eroded tooth. These are also referred to as direct veneers. The dental professional will apply the resin onto an existing tooth and form its shape. The veneer adheres to the tooth using a bonding agent or special cement product.

The material is typically cured with a special light to quickly harden. The light used may be ultraviolent. The veneer is polished to finish the process.

This process usually requires only one dental visit. Composite veneers are a comparatively simple solution for cosmetic problems including discoloration of teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are also referred to as indirect veneers. This process generally will require two dental visits. The initial visit involves creating a “custom-made” mold that fits over your existing teeth. The follow-up visit is when the veneers are put into place.

In the interim between the first and second visit, the dentist may provide you with a temporary solution. This usually involves providing you with temporary veneers to wear for a few days.

Unlike composite, porcelain veneers are not repairable and require replacement if damaged. Porcelain veneers do tend to better resist stains and may have a more natural-looking appearance. Some people may experience sensitivity to hot or cold. Your dental professional will assist you in determining your options.

Problems Not Suitable for Veneers

Veneers are attached to form a new frontal exterior for your existing teeth. If the underlying teeth are largely misaligned or there is a significant overbite, they may not be suitable. In these situations, the individual would require some orthodontic treatment to reposition the natural teeth before considering veneers.

Veneers and Dental Insurance

Veneers are typically viewed as being a cosmetic procedure and not usually covered by dental insurance plans. However, in some cases, an insurance plan may pay for some or all of this cost. You should always review the details of your specific policy. The friendly front office team at East Valley Dental Professionals may also assist you with these questions.

The Costs of Veneers

The cost of obtaining veneers can vary based on a host of different factors. Keep in mind, veneers by the professional Mesa dental team at East Valley Dental vary, however, here are some facts regarding veneer prices from several sources:

  • The Consumer Guide to Dentistry estimates that veneers range from $925 to $2,500 per tooth and last for 10 to 15 years.
  • Colgate Oral Health estimates that veneers cost between $800 and $2,000 per tooth.
  • The majority of data indicates that porcelain veneers are more costly compared to resin (composite) products.
  • Composite veneers may be less costly than crowns, but porcelain veneers may be similarly or slightly higher priced.

Best Practices in Caring for Veneers

All patients are strongly encouraged to visit a dental professional twice per year. You will have your teeth professionally cleaned and X-rays are conducted to better analyze your jaw, teeth, and gums. Regularly visiting a dentist allows for problems to be detected earlier on. This results in treatment before the condition significantly worsens.

Veneers are typically used to cover the front, most visible teeth. Harder foods should be chewed with the rear (molar area) teeth. It is critical to avoid chewing on pens or ice to protect your dental work. Also, do not use your teeth to open packages.

Those who grind their teeth at night may damage their veneers. This is a condition referred to as bruxism. Those who grind their teeth while sleeping may not realize that they do. Ask your dental professional about a “night guard” that can be customized and worn at night.

Those who participate in athletics must also wear a mouth guard for protection. The costs of repairing or replacing your veneers can add up if you do not take the proper precautions.

Veneers and Your Natural Teeth

Our dental professionals have options to match the color of your veneers to the other visible teeth. The color of the veneer can be altered to make your existing teeth. Your existing teeth may be professionally whitened also if they are discolored.

The aesthetic goal may be described as having veneers that look flawless without appearing “fake.” It is also important to remember that changes to the underlying teeth and gums can impact the veneers. For example, if the tissue in the gum line changes, it can alter the positioning of the veneer.

Other Types of Veneers

In the realm of cosmetic dentistry, one minimally-invasive option is Lumineers. This is a brand name for veneers manufactured by DenMat’s. The process of obtaining Lumineers is generally considered simple and less painful. Compared to porcelain veneers, they do not require as much of the enamel to be removed from the underlying teeth.

Because Lumineers do not require as much enamel removal, sensitivity to hot or cold is generally minimal. The procedure may be completed in a single office visit. There is no need for temporary or interim veneers between visits. Contact our office to see if this may be an option for you.

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