Dental Implants

Permanent Tooth Restoration with Implants

Permanent Tooth Restoration with Implants

You can have a beautiful smile for a lifetime with our dental implants. They replace 1 or more missing teeth and we fuse them to your jawbone for a permanent dental solution.

Whether you have damaged or decayed teeth, we restore them to look and feel like normal, glistening teeth. We install top-of-the-line implants that last over 25 years. For many of our patients, that spans the rest of their work careers or even their lives.

  • Lifelong Tooth Solution

  • No Dentures Falling Out

  • Brand New Tooth Look & Feel

  • 1 Implant Supports Multiple Teeth

  • Chew Normally Again

  • Implant-Crown Combo

  • Last Longer Than Crowns and Bridges

Get the Perfect Implant Fit

No matter what dental work you came in with, Dr. Smith can turn it around to install implants that give confidence in your smile again. We carry all kinds of removable and permanent implants with our restorative dentistry.

Creating an exact model of your mouth, our team uses advanced 3-D imaging to decide which option fits your tooth. Let our expert team take care of your mouth with several implants to choose from based on your budget and oral health.

Group 42

You may only have 1 missing tooth, which our implant dental care can fill.

Group 36

Forget fearing that a bridge will break. We fuse a single implant into your bone and gums, connecting several surrounding teeth.

Group 56

Full-mouth implants fill every gap in your gums for a brand new smile. Show those pearly whites without worry that they will fall out.

Group 39
Sinus Augmentation

Dr. Smith raises your sinus jawbone where there’s not enough cartilage. This allows him to install the implant on your upper teeth.

Group 38
Ridge Modification

Adding bone grafts into voids where bone would normally be present, Dr. Smith makes it possible to get replacement teeth by opening up gum tissues.

The Implant Process is Simple at EVDP

While the implant process can take several months, it saves you significant money and time in the long run. Our practice philosophy helps you prevent periodontal disease and other oral health issues later by getting an implant now.

We schedule each appointment with minimum to no wait time during the early hours and lunchtime. Whether you’re busy in your career or with your grandkids, Dr. Smith can take care of you as quickly as possible. 

Our professionals take you through the healing process without delay for a white smile in no time.


Implant Consultation

Dr. Smith greets you with warm chairside manners to examine your mouth and review past dental records. Then, he will take 3-D imaging to get you a personalized implant fit.


Implant Placement

On the implant placement, you will come into the dental room so our dental professionals can place the implant. They will give you anesthesia and drill a hole into the tooth roots of your jawbone, creating the perfect fit for the implant.

Jawbone Growth

—Jawbone Growth (3-6 months)—

The jawbone must grow for several months in-between implant appointments. This allows the implant to fuse naturally with your actual bone to become a permanent addition.

Abutment Placement

Abutment Placement

In addition, Dr. Smith installs a titanium abutment in the mouth once you pass the several-month period. He attaches it to your implant and serves as a docking point for the crown of your choice.


Crown Placement

The final part of the implant process is cementing a crown, or artificial tooth, to the abutment. Dr. Smith, similar to your implant, considers your medical history and creates a unique tooth tailored to your mouth’s impression.

Dr. Smith’s Expert Advice on Your Implant

Most dental offices refer you to oral surgeons, periodontists, and other specialists, costing you thousands more. Thankfully, Dr. Smith is specialized in all these areas and installs the implant from the consultation to the crown.

He’s the successor of the late Dr. Brinkman and treats you as a person rather than a number. You can trust our dental professional to advise you on the implant that restores your professional and personal smile.

FAQ for Dental Implants

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A Lifelong Smile with Implants

Forget the embarrassment of removable dentures and bridges with implants that look and feel like white, natural teeth. They give you the freedom to relax with your family and perform your best at corporate work functions. 

Dr. Smith would be glad to get you started with a dental implant in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas. He will explain as an expert how it would benefit your long-term oral health.