Dental Bridges

The tradition fixed option for replacing missing teeth has been a fixed partial denture (FPD), more commonly referred to as a dental bridge.

While there are a number of other design options, the traditional three-unit fixed bridge essentially consists of crowns on the anchor teeth on each side of the missing space, with a spacer crown known as a pontic in between. The pontic takes the place of your missing tooth. This restoration is cemented or bonded into place. With proper design and care, bridges can last many years!

While bridges can work very well, there are a few disadvantages. With a bridge, the few anchor teeth fused together do the work of additional teeth, which may subject them to greater-than-usual stress from chewing. This makes those anchor teeth especially critical. Additionally, because all the units or crowns of the bridge are fused together – more meticulous oral hygiene care around it is required.

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