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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that can help you straighten your teeth without the discomfort of metallic or ceramic braces.

But the lack of discomfort alone didn’t make this treatment revolutionary. Traditional braces are bulky looking and aesthetically unappealing. As a result, many patients, especially adults, who would’ve never considered wearing braces are now looking into Invisalign because of its design.

Invisalign involves a series of custom made clear aligners that are strong as traditional braces but aren’t noticeable. The aligners are made from thermoplastic resin, a material that is strong enough to treat open bites, crossbite, gapped teeth, crowded teeth, deep bite, and underbite. However, this type of treatment isn’t meant to treat severe cases of malocclusions.

How Invisalign is Different From Traditional Braces

Invisalign patients won’t have a hard time eating their favorite foods or brushing their teeth. Clear aligners are removable, so when you want to eat something sticky or hard to chew, you can just take them off.

When it comes to the traditional braces, cleaning and flossing is a time-consuming task because of the wires and brackets. In many cases, patients develop cavities during the treatment due to the fact that some areas are harder to reach.

Also, white spots can develop after wearing traditional braces due to the buildup of plaque. Fortunately, this isn’t the case when it comes to invisalign treatments.

Lastly, the invisalign treatment doesn’t make social situations awkward, nor does it prevent you from playing sports. Since the aligners are removable, you can do any activity you want and put the aligners back on when you finish.

What to Expect

Invisalign benefits go beyond being able to play sports or not having to worry about plaque build-up.

During the treatment, you can eat all of your favorite foods regardless of how chewy, sticky, or crunchy they are. Another added benefit is the fact that you’ll experience less pain compared to metal and ceramic braces. There will still be pressure on your teeth and gums, but it’s the most comfortable treatment option on the market right now. Also, if you have sensitive gums, you can ask your specialist for advice on reducing the friction between the aligners and your gums.

After the procedure is complete, because the teeth tend to shift back to their former position, you’ll be given retainers to wear.


During the appointment, the specialist will first check the state of your teeth and decide whether you’re a good fit for Invisalign. If you’re a good fit for the treatment (most people are), a 3D scan will be taken of your teeth and gums.

In the case of traditional treatments, a mold of your teeth is made, but with invisalign you won’t have to go through that. The information will be processed by a computer that will calculate how your teeth will move and how long the treatment will take.

You can even see a preview of the results!

Usually, the treatments last anywhere between 6 and 16 months, depending on the severity of the case. Because the aligners are removable, many people take them off while they sleep, which can slow down the process. It’s usually recommended to wear them at least 22 hours per day.

Using the 3D scan as a guide, the custom clear aligners will be created from a comfortable, non-toxic yet strong type of plastic.

During the treatment, a new set of clear aligners will be made for you every two or three weeks.

Invisalign is a truly revolutionary treatment available for all ages that takes the discomfort away from wearing braces to school or work.

At East Valley Dental Professionals, insurance is accepted and if you’re interested in learning more about Invisalign, the costs, and whether you’re a good fit for the treatment, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

Is Invisalign For Me?

Invisalign works for almost everyone, mostly for teens and adults. It can be used as treatment for various common teeth-related problems, from minor adjustments to extensive improvements. Whether your teeth are widely-spaced or crowded, this treatment works. It also works for people with crossbites, underbites and overbites, among other complex issues.

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