Dentistry for Geriatric Patients

Our older patients deserve the same high-quality care and attention as our younger patients. Thanks to preventive measures over the years, older people are keeping their teeth in greater numbers than in previous generations. They're enjoying healthier smiles too!
However, some people have lost their teeth and replaced them with dentures. Many people think dentures mean one no longer needs to schedule dental examination visits. This just isn't the case! Such visits can check the health of the gums and supporting tissues, as well as the fit and retention of the dentures.

Numerous older patients experience dry mouths due to certain conditions or medications they may take. Thankfully, there are products on the market that can help alleviate dry mouth symptoms! If your dry mouth is related to medication, ask your physician or specialist about prescribing another similar medication that does not cause that symptom. For patients with teeth, a frequent dry mouth can contribute to increased levels of tooth decay – resulting in lots of cavities! Older patients may benefit from regular use of fluoride gels or rinses at home also.

Please feel free to discuss this issue or any other dental concerns with us at your next appointment!

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