Dental implants are an excellent solution to restore your broken, damaged, or missing tooth. In fact, many dentists recommend them over dental bridges and partial dentures as permanent options that last the rest of your life.

So the question becomes whether you can replace more than 1 or even all of your teeth with implants. Can you do them at once?

We’ve worked with patients getting single tooth and even full mouth implant sets and will explain more about how many you can get.

How Many Dental Implants can you Get Placed at Once?

A dental professional can theoretically install an implant for every tooth at once. However, it would cost you much more money, time, and jawbone growth to spread out each implant on separate procedure days.

And getting them all placed at once may depend on the implant option you choose and any underlying dental issues with your natural teeth.

You should reach out to whatever oral health specialist is replacing the missing teeth. They can tell you if there’s any hurdles with installing a full set of implants.

How Many Dental Implants can you Get Placed Total?

You have the opportunity to replace the entire mouth with dental implants if you wish. There is no maximum number of implants/dental crowns you can get.

We recommend installing 4 implant posts in your mouth and connecting all the implants with an implant-supported bridge.

Other options to try are implant-supported dentures and full arch implement bridges, which can reduce the overall cost of your dental care.

Check with your local dentist to ensure they install dental implants in your entire mouth this way.

It’s the most economical way to pursue full-mouth implants rather than spending thousands on individual implants, which can go as high as $34,000 in total.

When is Bone Grafting Needed?

Drilling the jawbone, dental professionals insert the metal implant into the tooth root void. They allow your front and back row of teeth to heal for 3-6 months as a part of the implant process.

But if you don’t have enough cartilage to drill into, we recommend getting bone grafting work done. Raising the upper jawbone with a sinus augmentation and adding additional cartilage with a ridge modification are the 2 most common for patients.

Outsourcing to surgeons and other specialists becomes expensive and makes the overall procedure less seamless. We recommend choosing a dental professional with the ability and expertise to do everything in-house.

Is it Safe to Get Multiple Implants Placed at Once?

While your post-procedural soreness in the mouth increases as you get more implants, the procedure is still safe. We’ll suggest several painkillers during the healing process to reduce the pain and ease you back into normal chewing and speaking.

The dental professional reviews your oral health history beforehand and alerts you of any potential dangers of installing multiple implants.

Are you a Candidate for a Dental Implant?

Even if you know a dentist can install multiple implants, that doesn’t mean you’re eligible for the procedure. Dental professionals know that implants won’t last long if you have periodontal disease, are a smoker, don’t have enough jawbone, etc.

Dr. Smith has been installing implants for patients as the runner-up to the late Dr. Brinkman. He’s trained to do the entire implant process in-house, saving you thousands from going to an oral surgeon.

You can trust his dental advice and assistance with preparing for an implant(s).

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