When you look in the mirror, do you like the smile looking back at you? Or do you notice gaps and crooked teeth that you wish weren’t there? Most people can quickly find flaws in their smiles and hate what they see.

You have options for teeth straightening if you lack confidence in smiling at a work function or with your family. It’s not impossible to achieve that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of carrying in your mouth.

Dentists develop new and innovative ways to get you straight teeth as the industry evolves. Traditional means used metal and wire to adjust and manipulate teeth to pull and push them into alignment. But this process can be painful, time-consuming, and pricey.

In recent years, these dentists and other companies have offered at-home versions of these teeth straightening options.

What is At-Home Straightening?

While you’re pushing through a busy 9-5 and maximizing your daily routine, you can still pursue straighter teeth with home clear aligners. At-home straightening with this solution is also a great choice if you’re retired and want to spend more time with your grandkids. They will save you time on what really matters in life and give you back a brilliant smile.

The complete home aligner process depends on the company you choose. However, most will send you a kit to take impressions of your teeth, and you’ll mail them back in. A professional will then assess whether you are a candidate and create custom aligners for you to wear for 22 hours per day.

These aligners are typically mailed directly to your home and will be replaced with different aligners to slowly shift your teeth as needed. Oftentimes, the dentist or company will offer payment plans to make the process more affordable.

How does At-Home Straightening Differ from Invisalign?

You may be aware that many dentists and orthodontists offer Invisalign, a similar product to at-home straightening aligners. It’s the same process of straightening your teeth with one significant difference: a teeth professional treats you personally during your office visit. They carry expertise that gives you a better smile in the long run.

At-home teeth aligners do come with the supervision of a dental professional, but you’ll never meet with this professional in person. For those with straightforward or “easy” cases, this may not raise concern. But if you have extreme crookedness and imperfections with your teeth, you can be confident you’re receiving the best care possible.

A good dentist will advise you to see them for professional straightening if they foresee you wasting money with third-party products. Their job is to give you the best smile possible, so you don’t have to be afraid of showing it off at family dinners or with your coworkers.

Is At-Home Straightening Effective?

Your at-home aligner treatment can be a hassle-free and effective process if you only have minorly crooked teeth or one to two small gaps in their teeth. On the other hand, bite realignment, significant cosmetic changes, and special circumstances with gum disease should not go with an at-home aligner.

Another important note is that at-home aligners don’t receive any type of x-ray or in-person assessment. Though, some companies present the option of receiving an in-person office visit for a 3D scan in lieu of completing the impression kit.

All invisible aligner companies recommend that you visit a dental professional before beginning treatment. They want to ensure you don’t have any underlying issues, cavities, or circumstances that would hinder the straightening process.

Do Dentists Recommend At-Home Straightening Kits?

We’re dentists that pride ourselves on being honest and straightforward with the people in our dental care. You can get free, no-obligation second options for your dental and orthodontic treatment plan with us. It’s more about just doing business with you treating you like a number: you’re a part of our family.

Though some dentists partner with at-home straightening companies, we believe in-person care by a trusted dental professional is the best option. They can also help you with other oral health care, such as teeth straightening and teeth whitening.

Our team would love to help you discover whether you’re a candidate for at-home or professional teeth straightening. You can call us to ask questions and receive customer service or schedule an appointment at (480).838.3033.