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flexible partial dentures

Pros and Cons of Flexible Partial Dentures

By Jennifer | July 12, 2021

Although it is anticipated that children will lose teeth as they grow older, adults become frustrated when tooth loss occurs in their lives. For example, some may be involved in sporting accidents where teeth were knocked out or had teeth removed due to gum disease. At EVDP, we know that sometimes losing a tooth is […]

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How To Treat TMJ Pain

How To Treat TMJ Pain

By Jennifer | January 22, 2021

TMJ disorder, also known as temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD, can cause pain in the jaw, facial muscles, and in front of the ears. It can also cause headaches and pain when chewing and talking. While the cause of TMD can be difficult to pinpoint, it is usually a temporary issue. Disorders that affect the […]

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what causes dry mouth

What Causes Dry Mouth And How Do I Treat It?

By Jennifer | December 22, 2020

It’s natural to experience dry mouth occasionally, especially if you are feeling anxious or stressed out. However, persistent dryness can lead to an array of serious health issues. Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is due to decreased saliva production and a lack of saliva flow in the mouth. This condition can be caused by aging, […]

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Stained Teeth Causes

Stained Teeth Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

By Jennifer | December 7, 2020

When you think of someone with a beautiful smile, they probably don’t have yellowed or stained teeth. Discolored teeth are common, but luckily it is possible to reverse and treat tooth discoloration. There are two types of stains: intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration. Intrinsic stains are, unfortunately, more difficult to treat. These stains can be caused […]

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Tooth Erosion Symptoms

Tooth Erosion Symptoms and Causes

By Jennifer | December 2, 2020

Dental erosion is a common issue among patients. While your teeth may be strong and able to chew through the toughest of steaks and hardest candies, they are not unbreakable and should be treated with care. It’s essential to know the signs of tooth erosion, what causes this issue, and how to prevent it. Tooth […]

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Importance of Flossing

Importance of Flossing: Benefits and Technique

By Jennifer | November 25, 2020

People everywhere avoid flossing. Some think it’s unnecessary, some find it painful, and some don’t make time for it. Brushing alone is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene. Floss can access places toothbrushes cannot, giving your gums and teeth a better cleaning. No one wants to get a cavity filled or, even worse, a […]

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Sensitive Teeth Causes

Sensitive Teeth Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

By Jennifer | October 29, 2020

Unless you have spent time looking at a diagram of the teeth, many are under the impression that the thick enamel covering goes far deeper into the tooth than it actually does. This is important for a variety of reasons, the most striking of which is that it proves teeth can be delicate. Each tooth […]

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Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers: Are They Worth It?

By Jennifer | October 12, 2020

Every day we see celebrities with beautiful, pearly white teeth. Unfortunately, this can lead us to see all of the flaws our own mouths have. Maybe your teeth are chipped, yellowed, crooked, or gapped. The good news is, fame worthy teeth are achievable with veneers. Here’s why you should consider composite veneers on your journey […]

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Loose Dentures

How to Fix Loose Dentures

By Jennifer | August 21, 2020

Having loose dentures is not only uncomfortable and embarrassing. Over time, they even pose a risk to your oral health. Unfortunately for denture wearers, experiencing looseness is often part of the long term consequence of needing this type of dental care. When looking for loose denture fixes, there are a variety of options. These include […]

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Dental Bonding Vs Veneers

Dental Bonding vs Veneers: A Quick Guide

By Jennifer | August 14, 2020

Having the perfect smile is something many covet. Unfortunately, whether it is from diet or childhood medication, many are left with existing teeth that are less than ideal. To fix these problems, many individuals turn to cosmetic procedures to quickly create a smile makeover, generally leading them to one of two options: dental bonding and […]

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Root Canal Process

Root Canal Process

By Jennifer | July 13, 2020

Root canals are a dental procedure that has earned quite the reputation over the years for being invasive, painful, and potentially harmful. Despite this, dental health professionals have made significant advances in improving how they perform root canals. Now, the endodontic treatment is a routine procedure that is minimally invasive and usually normally no more […]

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure and Recovery

By Jennifer | July 6, 2020

Wisdom teeth are the molars placed furthest back in the mouth. Coming down last between the ages of 17 and 21, many young adults do not have room in their mouths to adequately accommodate this last set of teeth. Running out of space creates several problems over time. For once, previously straightened teeth could begin […]

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