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What If I Have A Broken Jaw?

By Jennifer | February 1, 2017

One of the most common facial injuries is a broken jaw. In fact, the jaw is the tenth most common fractured bone in the human body. Broken jaws are usually caused by a direct force or trauma to the jawbone or mandible. On the other hand, a dislocated jaw occurs when the joints connecting your […]

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Spotlight on Dental Crowns

By Jennifer | January 18, 2017

Dental crowns are one of the tooth restoration solutions offered by dentists and recommended to those with aesthetically displeasing or severely damaged teeth. This is usually applied when there’s extensive damage in the teeth, such as when they are weakened, fractured or poorly shaped. In certain cases, the dentists will recommend this procedure if the […]

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What Kinds of Injuries Require Emergency Dental Care?

By Jennifer | January 12, 2017

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between dental pain that can wait and a dental issue that requires immediate attention.  Here are general guidelines to help you identify which dental problems may constitute a dental emergency. If you experience any of the following items, you have a dental emergency on your hands. You will […]

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What to Do If You Knock out Your Tooth?

By Jennifer | January 4, 2017

A knocked-out tooth is more common than you might think. Medically known as an avulsed tooth, such a condition can happen to both children and adults. It is considered a serious dental emergency, especially if the tooth affected is permanent. The good news is, you can always get tooth replacement. However, you need to do […]

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Teeth Injury Precautions

Precautions You Can Take to Avoid Accident and Injury to the Teeth

By Jennifer | December 30, 2016

Prevention is always better than treatment, as the saying goes. While there are ways to treat dental injuries, it’s still a lot better if you can prevent them from happening in the first place. There is no definite way to foresee and prevent all dental injuries and emergencies. But there are some precautions or prevent […]

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8 Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

By Jennifer | December 23, 2016

A dentist is a specialist in oral health and hygiene and can help you best protect your smile. Your dental professional can offer tips on something as simple as daily oral care or something as complex as alternative techniques for dental implants. While many people visit the dentist for cosmetic purposes and have questions about […]

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common dental emergency cases and remedies

Dental Emergency Cases: Cracked or Broken Teeth, Chipped Tooth, Toothaches

By Jennifer | December 14, 2016

Dental offices are accustomed to providing a wide range of services. From explaining teeth whitening techniques to performing root canals, your dentist is an expert in many different procedures. But what happens if you damage your teeth and your dentist is unavailable? Dental emergencies aren’t limited to regular office hours. Cracked or broken teeth can […]

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retainers and invisalign

What is Difference Between Retainers and Invisalign?

By Jennifer | November 14, 2016

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Invisalign and retainers and the difference between them. Everyone wants a perfect, pearly white smile.  In addition to aesthetics, having straight teeth can be important to your dental health.  Having an even bite and wear pattern can help prevent jaw pain and uneven wear […]

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Can Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth

Can Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

By Jennifer | October 31, 2016

People have various teeth whitening questions and concerns. They are worried that whitening might not work on them or that its effect may not last that long or it may be not that effective at all. These are legitimate concerns that deserve answers and clarifications, especially by professionals. This brings us to the ultimate question: […]

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Dental Implant or Dental Bridge

Which is Better a Dental Implant or a Dental Bridge?

By Jennifer | October 28, 2016

Teeth replacements have come a long way in the last few decades and the types of dental implants available are growing. The latest and greatest development in the world of dentistry, is arguably, the dental implant. In years past, dentist would prefer to use a treatment wherein a fabricated tooth was affixed to adjacent teeth, […]

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Alternative Techniques for Dental Implants

Non-Implant Options and Alternative Techniques for Dental Implants

By Jennifer | October 24, 2016

52% of adults aged 20-64 did not have a full set of permanent teeth according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, conducted in 2011-2012. People of all ages and walks of life suffer tooth loss from poor oral health, injury and disease.  Diabetes, smoking and drinking alcohol can all increase your chances of […]

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FAQ's About Dental Veneers

FAQs About Dental Veneers

By Jennifer | October 17, 2016

Many celebrities have them and almost everyone wants them.  No, we’re not referring to adoring fans, we’re talking about a winning smile and pearly white teeth.  Have you ever wondered how they all seem to have such perfect teeth?  The secret is out.  Many of them have dental veneers.  These dental veneers, sometimes called porcelain […]

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