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Dental Implant Problems

Dental Implant Problems

Dental Implant Problems

One of the best developments in dentistry in years is a dental implant. In terms of function and aesthetics, it is definitely the most pioneering developments in the field. No wonder why many patients opt for implants when they look for a more functional and permanent solution to their dental problems.

In dental implants, metal posts and frames are surgically placed into the jawbone, just beneath the gums. When they are all in place, the dentist will then place the replacement teeth onto them. The implants are fused to the jawbone which provides more stable and permanent support to the replacement or artificial teeth.

Possible Implant Problems

Implants definitely bring many advantages. However, like any other procedures, problems are still likely to occur though rarely. Dental implant problems are more common among patients who are heavy smokers and have poor oral hygiene. But the main root of such problem is that the procedure was not carried out well.

An inadequate dental implant is not that common. But there are still less experienced practitioners who execute “fast and cheap” treatments. While there is nothing wrong with affordable implant per se, it is always best to be extra cautious. After all, results are better than affordability. Patients may even undergo re-treatment which could cost them more than just instead of going for quality and long-term solution.

Generally speaking, when the procedure was done right, problems are not likely to occur. However, in rare cases, problems do appear. The most common problem is gum recession. This only happens when there was not sufficient gum or bone around the implant or if the implant has been incorrectly positioned.

As already mentioned, dental implant problems are not that common or severe. The risk for complications may increase if any of these factors are present: gum disease, heavy smoking habit, medical conditions that affect self-healing ability, unhealthy or insufficient jawbone, and poor oral hygiene.

How to Avoid Dental Implant Problems

The best way to avoid dental implant problems is to find an experienced and skilled practitioner. Nothing works better and safer than having the procedure performed by the pro. If you are looking for a reliable dentist in the area to perform dental implants for you, or if you need other aesthetic or restorative dental procedure, check out East Valley Dental Professionals.

To learn more about the benefits of dental implants and other dental solutions, feel free to reach us. Make an appointment with us today.

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