Botox is a true innovation in the field of aesthetics. It is a real game-changer.  No wonder why it keeps on gaining popularity over the years. The demand is just skyrocketing, and expectedly so. But what people don’t know is that you don’t have to go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to get Botox. No, the administration of Botox, and even dermal fillers, is not entirely restricted to them. In fact, if we just come to think of it, dentists actually do it better. This might sound off, but it’s true. And here’s why.

Dentists are the most qualified to perform and administer Botox. Normally, when we talk of Botox, what come to mine are plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Logically, when people decide to get Botox, they head straight to the nearest dermatologist or plastic surgeon without knowing that there is another option. This is because Botox is traditionally offered by the aforementioned professionals. However, such is not restricted to such disciplines. Not anymore. In fact, other professionals administer Botox too, from physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses to dentists. Arguably, of all these options, dental botox performs better. The simple explanation is that dentists work with people’s face every day; not just the mouth, but the surrounding areas as well. They are most familiar with these areas. And familiarity and knowledge are highly important to the success of Botox administration and for the prevention of possible complications.

As we all know, dental training involves the teeth and the mouth. But that’s not all. Dentists undergo extensive training in all maxillofacial areas as well. This means that dentists are highly familiar and knowledgeable with everything inside the mouth and the areas between the chin going up to the forehead. Dentists work with these areas daily: the oral, facial and peri-oral areas. They know the face like a familiar terrain, and they are even more knowledgeable and familiar with the face than many physicians do. Dentists are also quite aware of the potential complications that might affect the face, which means that they know how to prevent such or treat the same. They know both the medical and aesthetic aspects of administering Botox.

Sadly, not all States allow dentists to administer Botox. Luckily, here in Arizona, dental botox are not excluded. In fact, East Valley Dental Professionals provide and administer Botox and dermal fillers. Our dentists are highly qualified to administer Botox. They have the right experience and training for such aesthetic wonder.

If you want our dentists to work their magic on your face through Botox, check out EDVP. Make an appointment with us today.