Laughter is the best medicine, they say. That’s tantamount to saying that great smiles are good for you and your health. There are plenty of reasons to smile. It just simply makes everything feel brighter and better. A great smile goes a long way, not just for yourself, but to other people as well. In this article, you will discover the correlation between smiling and your health.

Smiling and Health

Smiling is great for the mood. It is the best thing to do when you feel sad or upset. It’s the easiest way to shift into a better mood. This works even if you don’t actually feel happy because a great smile changes brain chemistry and eventually makes you feel joy or happiness. As a result, this is helpful for people suffering from anxiety disorders and/or depression.

If you smile, it calms your nerves and relaxes your muscles. So how does this exactly work? When you smile, it sends oxygen to your brain and triggers the release of endorphin, which is a brain chemical which affects the mood. Such chemicals are responsible for making one feel positive and in a great mood. In other words, smiling is an effective way of reducing stress. And we all know that many of our health problems are caused or aggravated by stress. So logically, when you are in a better mood and less stressed, you are healthier.

Even Fake Smiling Is Good for You

You don’t actually to feel happy to be one. Even fake smiling is good for you. As people say, fake it till you make it. How is this possible? Our body language affects and influences our emotions. In a study, it was discovered that people who put up a smile, though fake, may end up feeling actually happy. The trick is that you just smile like you mean it. Just put up a great smile and it will eventually come naturally and genuinely. Another great thing about smiling is that it makes it easier for you to bond with the others. A smile affects the people around you. If you smile, you can make others want to smile too and that way, you share happiness and bright mood.

Get a Great Smile

What’s the secret of a good smile? The answer is simple: having bright, healthy teeth. They are not only nice to look at. Cosmetic Dental care can actually transform your smile into a more natural one. It’s hard to fake a smile when you got crooked or unhealthy teeth. Aesthetics play an essential role in achieving that smile you’ve always wanted.

Get a bright smile at EDVP. We will take care of your teeth and fix whatever that needs fixing until you achieve that perfect smile that you have always dreamed of. You deserve to look and feel happy. And we want to be a part of that. Make an appointment with us and together, we will spread good mood, peace, and happiness by smiling.