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There are more people with no dental insurance than you think. The data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 45 million Americans have not been insured for their dental health. This number is projected to increase for the years to come.  This has been a cause of concern among Mesa Dentists.

One reason why people don’t have dental insurance is that dental costs are out of their budget, and companies are less likely to spend on dental insurance than actual health insurance. These companies and corporations think of dental insurance as a burden and non-essential. To cut back on their budget, they don’t include this as a benefit for their employees. And since people also have other proprieties, they tend to forego getting their dental health insured. What could be the implication of this? A Less frequent visit to the dentist.

Mesa Dentists have gathered statistics and such shows that uninsured people don’t visit the dentist as regularly as insured patients. They tend to skip their basic oral care. And this could harm their overall oral health which means that they might develop that would need more expensive treatment in the future.

Living with dental problems unchecked and untreated can have devastating effects not only to your dental health but to your overall health as well. It can even affect you socially and emotionally, as having problems like bad breath can surely lower your self-esteem.

Dental health is a serious issue. Dr. Theresa Collins, DMD, along with other experienced Mesa Dentists, realize how important this is. This is the reason why Dr. Collins donates her time, knowledge, experience and care to the community through charity events. With the help of charity organizations, dentists like herself, can help children and adults alike with their dental issues, performing services like cleaning, extraction, denture fitting and fillings. They also reach out to people to make them understand the importance of oral health and to instill upon them good dental habits.

Fo Dr. Collins, nothing feels better than helping the Mesa community. Everybody deserves to have that healthy smile. Professionals like herself, are always happy to reach out to the uninsured and to those people who need their help. Dr. Collins provides a wide array of dental services in Mesa, AZ together with her colleagues at East Valley Dental Professionals. She graduated from Oregon Health and Science University in 2012. Since she became a dentist, she has dedicated her time helping the patients in their clinic and other local Mesa residents in community events and outreach programs. Together, she is hoping to enlist other dedicated Mesa Dental professionals, as Dr. Collins looks forward to helping people improve their oral health and confidence.