Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth? Are you looking for a more or less permanent teeth replacement? Or are you sick of wearing dentures and are seeking for a better substitute? Dental implants might be what you need. In general, dental implants provide great advantages and benefits to dental patients than any other treatments. No wonder why there are steadily gaining popularity in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Implants definitely do some wonders. But is it for everyone? Sadly, it isn’t. So if you have been planning on getting implants to replace your missing teeth, the first thing that you should ask is whether or not you are the right candidate for dental implant procedure; or to put it differently, whether implants are the right solution for you. As a general rule, you must have healthy gums and strong jawbone to be a great candidate for implants. If your jawbone has suffered insufficiency due to dental issues, you need to have it rebuilt first before you undergo the procedure so that it can sustain the implants.

The initial evaluation involves whether you have strong gums and sufficient jawbone or not. The dentist evaluates the strength and health of your gums and jawbone by carrying out tomography and X-ray scan of your mouth. Aside from this, the dentist will also evaluate if you belong to a certain category of patients. If you fall under any of these, your dentist might give you other methods or options of teeth replacement:

  • Young patients whose jawbones are still developing.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Alcohol and substance addicts.
  • People suffering from chronic diseases such as immune system disorder, hemophilia or diabetes. However, if the condition is not that severe, the dentist may allow you to undergo implant.
  • Heavy smokers. The patient may still proceed with the dental procedure but there is a chance that the success rate is affected.


When the dentist has evaluated you as to which category you belong, he or she may review your medical history. If based on the evaluations, you are found to be a good candidate for dental implant surgery, the dentist will now talk to you about the steps and requirements of the procedure. You must keep in mind that once implants are placed, you must take care of them like your natural teeth so that they remain in great shape for years to come.

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