Seniors Dental Care

Geriatric dentistry is a special form of dental care. Seniors have special needs since there are dental issues that are more common among them than in other ages. This is because age advancement can pose several factors that affect the oral health of a person. Because of this, it is important that seniors only get dental care and treatment from professionals who have the proper training and experience.


Geriatric Dentistry Treatment

Seniors are more at risk of various oral health problems. This is because of the advancement of age and how such affects a person’s overall health, including dental. The following are some of the most common dental and oral health problems that seniors have or are prone to have: dry mouth, darkened teeth, root decay, diminished sense of taste, uneven jawbone, tooth loss, gum disease, stomatitis and thrush. Each of these oral health problems requires specific treatment and intervention. The most common treatments are dentures and dental implants since tooth loss and related dental issues are more likely to occur. Many of dental and oral issues mentioned are treatable and reversible. This is of course only possible with help from a reliable dental professional who specializes in geriatric dentistry.


Geriatric Dentistry Challenges

Seniors have specific dental needs. Among other things, they need to take care of their teeth and overall oral health. Ironically, they are the age group that are so hard to reach out to. Many seniors don’t go to the dentist by themselves. Usually, they only visit the clinic when someone, a friend or a loved one, goes with them and supports them all the way. This poses a challenge in the dental profession. Geriatric dentistry is highly important, but such is bombarded with various challenges. This is aggravated by the lack of attention from the policy-makers when it comes to oral health for seniors. But with the development of modern dentistry and the coming of more innovative approaches, treating and preventing dental diseases among seniors are not more doable. These challenges come be overcome especially if the professionals you seek help from are those that truly care for seniors and those who are experienced and specialized in the said field of dentistry.


Find the Best Dental Care for Seniors at EVDP

East Valley Dental Professionals provide geriatric dentistry, among others. Here at EVDP, we believe that our older patients or seniors deserve the same high-quality dental care and attention as our younger patients. And with the onset of modern technology and innovative approach, there are now preventive measures and treatments in helping our seniors maintain and enjoy healthier smiles. The key to solving the dental issues suffered by many seniors is a dental clinic that really cares for them, a clinic composed of a team of dedicated and caring professionals. So if you want to find the best dental care for seniors in the area, look no further.


For your geriatric dentistry needs, contact EDVP. Make an appointment with us today and we will get you that healthy smile that you deserve!