Botox ® and Dermal Fillers in Mesa

Botox® is a proprietary, very diluted form of the neurotoxin onabotulinumtoxinA and has uses in both medicine and dentistry.

These uses can include treatment of an overactive bladder or migraine headaches, as well as cosmetic uses to reduce "worry lines" and "crows feet". It can be a safe and effective way to temporarily remove wrinkles or lines on the forehead, upper lip, or around the eyes.

What does Botox® do?

The injected Botox® blocks the nerve impulses to the muscles that cause wrinkles and relaxes the muscles. It does not normally interfere with facial expressions. Dramatic improvement in appearance can be seen within two to seven days! However, the treatment is temporary, as the injection wears off and the muscle is able to contract again. Normally the treatment lasts three months, but can last for six months for some patients.

Are Botox® treatments uncomfortable?

For cosmetic procedures, Botox® is virtually painless and has a very short recovery time. It is administered via a brief, small injection, which can be performed right here in our office!

There may be mild discomfort during the injection itself, and some patients have reported slight soreness and bruising that may appear in the few days after the treatment.


What is the time frame for this procedure?

Botox® is not a permanent solution; follow-up visits about three to six months apart are needed to keep wrinkles from reappearing.

Botox in Mesa

Dermal fillers are injected to restore fullness in the face and restore its volume and to diminish or conceal facial lines and crow’s feet. 

People naturally lose subcutaneous fat in the face as they age. The small the amount of subcutaneous fat, the more the crow’s feet and other facial lines become apparent. It also results in loss of facial volume. Aside from aging, lifestyle, heredity and sun exposure are other factors that affect the health of the facial skin.

If you want to look younger or if you want to conceal those early signs of aging, dermal fillers are your friend. They can also be used to enhance or maximize the result of facial rejuvenation surgery.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Fillers are used to enhance shallow contours in the face, plump up thin lips, improve or hide scars and soften wrinkles and other facial creases. There are various types of dermal fillers, varying in their longevity, chemical structure and softness. For example, sturdier fillers are used if you want to improve face volume or enhance your cheekbones, while softer ones are used to plump up lips. Ultimately, the kind of fillers you need will depend upon your needs and the suggestions of the person who injects them.

As to how long do dermal fillers last, there’s no definite answer. Several factors like age can affect the longevity of the effects. As for cost, that can vary as well, so you should check with your provider to see what their rate is.

Who Benefits From Dermal Fillers?

People with sunken facial volume, recessed scars, crow’s feet and facial lines are the ones who benefit a lot from fillers. However, the effects of these injectables are better if you are physically healthy, if you don’t smoke and if you are mentally and physically positive.

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