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Spotlight on Dental Crowns

Woman smiling with teeth

Woman smiling with teeth

Dental crowns are one of the tooth restoration solutions offered by dentists and recommended to those with aesthetically displeasing or severely damaged teeth. This is usually applied when there’s extensive damage in the teeth, such as when they are weakened, fractured or poorly shaped. In certain cases, the dentists will recommend this procedure if the patient has severely discolored teeth or after undergoing a root canal. Such is necessary to seal and protect the teeth.

Crowns are popular among patients whose teeth have been cracked, chipped or suffered from decay. Affordable dental crowns replace the natural surface of the fractured or damaged teeth. They also restore the function of the affected teeth and protect the root canal. The great thing about this procedure is that it only requires a short recovery time. So you will be able to smile as naturally as you can, with confidence, in no time.

Dental crowns look as real as natural teeth. They also feel like one, so you won’t have to worry about their function. They function like real teeth, but stronger and as reliable. With crowns, you will be able to speak normally and eat confidently. When they are placed, crowns and caps enclosed the entire natural tooth or remaining parts thereof, in case the teeth have been chipped or fractured. The people around you will not even notice if it’s real or not, because crowns really look and feel like natural teeth.

If you are thinking about the budget, don’t worry, as there are affordable dental crowns you can avail yourself of.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns are permanent and fixed prosthetic solutions. They are not removable like dentures. They are cemented on the natural teeth and may be removed only by the dentist if situations call for such.

A crown is used as a “cap” to cover the fractured or damaged tooth. It does not just strengthen and restore the damaged tooth; it also enhances its shape, alignment and appearance. It may even be used to restore and strengthen implants. Crowns match the color of the natural teeth so that it will look as real as the original as possible. Most affordable dental crowns are made of ceramic or porcelain. However, other materials are also available, such as acrylic, metal alloys and gold. They make the tooth strong and attractive.

There are various reasons why you would need a crown. The following are just some of the benefits you get if you have crowns:

  • It serves as a large filling
  • It protects the weak tooth from further damage
  • You can attach a bridge to it
  • It restores fractured teeth
  • It covers dental implants and restore their structure
  • It repairs poorly shaped tooth and covers discoloration
  • It is essential in root canal treatment

Dental Crown Procedure

The dentist will evaluate your teeth first. Before the crown placement, the dentist will reduce the size of your natural tooth, or what remains of them, in order to make space for the crown. After taking impressions of your teeth, the dentist will have your tooth crown fabricated in the laboratory. While waiting for the permanent crown, the dentist will give you a temporary, affordable dental crown so that you won’t have to go around wearing a broken smile. Meanwhile, the dentist will schedule an appointment for the crown placement. Once the permanent crown is made, it’s time to get them in place. The procedure only takes a short period, as well as the recovery time.

Spotlight on Affordable Dental Crowns

Nothing beats prevention and proper oral care. You can take important steps in preserving your oral health, such as going to the dentist every six months to undergo checkups and teeth cleaning. However, sometimes, no matter how we care about our teeth, unexpected things happen, like when you accidently knock out your tooth or got one fractured. Aside from accidents, severe tooth pain and broken filling are other common dental emergencies. If emergencies like this occur, you must not waste time. Go to the dentist right away.

There are certain things you must do while you’re still not in the dental office. Calling the receptionist and informing him or her of the situation helps, as the latter can explain to you the necessary steps you must take while you’re still not getting the dental attention you need. If you have totally knocked out your tooth, place it in a glass of milk to preserve its life. The important thing is that you go to the dental office as soon as possible as time is highly important here. Once you are in the office, the dentist will examine the situation and explain dental restoration options that suit you best, like affordable dental crowns.

If you are looking for a dentist for regular checkups or emergency reasons, don’t hesitate to call or visit East Valley Dental Professionals. Make an appointment with EVDP today to avail yourself of affordable dental crowns or other teeth restoration options.

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