Advantages of Invisalign® Over Ordinary Braces/Brackets

Advantages of Invisalign

Beauty is power, smile is its sword. These are the poetic words of English naturalist John Ray. He has declared that a smile is a very important factor in a person’s physical appearance. A smile makes a person’s face warm and caring or joyous and lively. It conveys happiness and sincerity and serves as the universal language of kindness.

A beautiful smile can be adversely affected by many factors, including crooked and misaligned teeth. In addition, a badly aligned set of teeth makes cleaning very difficult and discoloration and decay may result.

There are numerous options to correct misaligned teeth, including Invisalign® clear aligners. Invisalign® offers a breakthrough technology in cosmetic dentistry, providing excellent results comparable and sometimes superior to traditional metal braces.

Invisible Appearance

In creating a confident and beautiful smile, Invisalign® dental services provide many advantages over conventional braces and other teeth straightening options. Invisalign® has an edge over other methods in part because of its appearance.

To address concerns of unsightly metal protruding from one’s mouth, Invisalign® clear braces are made to be barely noticeable. In fact, the person wearing will appear to not be wearing braces at all.

Conveniently Removable

Invisalign® is also removable, allowing flexibility for the wearer. Some types of food are not advisable for people with metal braces, but since the they are allowed to temporarily remove the braces, Invisalign® wearers can enjoy virtually all types of food.

Also, because the braces are removable at will, cleaning of teeth can be more thorough. Wearing metal braces makes brushing difficult, which may result to inadequate cleaning. Conventional braces are prone to promoting plaque build-up and tooth decay, but Invisalign® braces do not cause this same issue.


Another advantage of Invisalign® braces is the comfort level compared to metal braces. The latter may cause discomfort and mouth sores caused by the metal. Unlike traditional braces, where the metal wire exposes the wearer to risk of injury and getting punctures and scratches inside the mouth, Invisalign® clear braces are made of smooth and comfortable material.

A Shorter Time to a Better Smile

Invisalign® dental services also offer a shorter treatment time. In metal braces, people may be required to wear the metal aligners for long periods. But Invisalign® dental correction can align teeth in as little as one year. Another advantage is that Invisalign® may require fewer visits to the dentist, allowing wearers achieve a perfect smile without adding extra obligations to their already hectic schedules.

Overall, Invisalign® clear braces have many advantages over conventional braces. Though the cost may be a little bit higher, the appearance, convenience and comfort of Invisalign® may justify the price difference.

Invisalign® is a great option if you want to improve your smile without the disadvantages of metal braces.